Message From Chairperson


''Healthcare services must begin where people are and where problems arise. We have acquired the capability of placing satellite in orbit, but we have not yet been able to reach out to all our rural people''.

INDIRA GANDHI,   34th World health assembly UN,  Geneva,  6th May 1981
Dr. Anjali Patil
Dr. Archana Patil,

These inspiring words have left a deep impression on my mind. They have motivated me to take up a daunting task and set up a Multispecialty hospital with state-of-art facilities in the remote town of Udgir.

By and large social life around Udgir enjoys a good modern lifestyle. But its suffers from one lacuna, the lack of modern medical facility. That, we are trying to do away, with the establishment called LIFECARE. Our project aims to be a 'Global Model Hospital' in rural healthcare sector.

Udgir town, part of Latur, the Parliamentary Constituency represented by Shri Shivraj Patilji for 25 years. H’ble Shivraj Patilji’s inspiration and guidance for this project will constantly remind us to work with ethics of highest standards. This project has been conceptualized and would be executed by me and my team of 12 dedicated specialist doctors to begin with. The esteemed association of the world renowned doctors from across the country itself is the pillar of strength and key to success of this project.

Current Limitations in Medical services at Udgir

The skill and intelligence of doctors in Udgir for effective and successful diagnosis and treatment are beyond doubt. But the limiting factor is the non-availability of modern equipments, infrastructure and resources.

The population of Udgir and adjoining areas is approximately three and half lakhs, whereas the number of doctors is 250 and the total bed strength is 545, in contrast to the required number of 1160 beds. Besides, the facilities cater to basic care and patients have to be shifted to Latur, Hyderabad, Aurangabad or Pune for critical care. Sometimes this non-availability of timely medical intervention locally proves fatal.

Plans to construct a modern hospital very often get defeated by the debate between idealistic free social service versus absolute commercial health Industry. The contrast between the two extreme ideas results in inaction.

The challenge to assimilate contrasting ideas together led to the seeding of the dream; a vision of a local modern healthcare facility for our own people, conceptualized in a cost effective manner.

Life Care project
The LifeCare Hospital project is the culmination of that ambitious dream. The dream to provide most modern health care facility to our own people, by our own doctors under our own management. The 'Life Care Team' has come together to balance the ‘distance’ and ‘difference’ between a dream and reality with special guidance and technical support from a battery of internationally renowned doctors. We have taken help of the best credible names in the industry as architects and financial consultants to shape this project in the most cost effective and affordable manner for best quality and service.

The hospital, will provide first rate emergency and in-patient health care. It will be well equipped with required infrastructure, technology and qualified man power for effective and efficient services.

The hospital has been named as "Life Care Hospital & Research Center" since our intention is to extend health care from life to life i.e. from conception to critical care. We are committed professionally and emotionally to "the care of life for a life time".

We look upon this activity as a way of paying back to the society what it has given us through our education and upbringing. Besides treatment and critical activities, we wish to broaden our sphere of activity to social level by undertaking:

  • Health awareness campaign.
  • Counselling
  • Psychological and emotional care units
  • De-addiction center
  • Women health care camps and awareness programmes

In this endeavor of ours, I am sure of your blessings, constant guidance and monitoring. I take this opportunity to request you to be a part of this project not only as well-wishers but as partners, through any of the following channels:
  • Investment
  • Institutional contribution
  • Corporate social responsibility fund
  • Contribution and charity
  • Health care plan

I earnestly look forward for your association and best wishes in the establishment of this 'Health Temple', where only one religion will exist; the religion of 'Health' and 'Health Loving People'.

Thanking you,
Stay Fit….
Dr. sign
Dr. Archana Patil,