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The Division of Pediatric Surgery at Lifecare hospital strives to provide leadership in advanced surgical care and excellent patient outcomes for neonates, infants and children. Children are not miniature adults and hence should be handled and managed with utmost care and precision. Pediatric surgery is a field which requires tremendous dedication and extreme critical care. The Department of Paediatrics at Lifecare hospital excels in quality, innovation, education and focus on patient and family- centered care of infants and children.

The Division of Pediatric Surgery provides comprehensive antenatal and postnatal surgical consultation and counseling; especially with respect to those antenatal diagnosed with congenital anomalies. LHRC believes in providing multidisciplinary care in collaboration with all the pediatric subspecialties; so as to give outstanding surgical outcome to the patients. The state of the art NICU, PICU and modular operation theatres, gives the perfect back up and excellent post operative care to our patients.

The Division of Pediatric Surgery expertise in the following fields

General Surgery :

This include a wide variety of commonly performed surgeries like circumcision, hernia, hydrocele, repair of congenital anomalies, trauma, appendectomy and other gastrointestinal surgeries.

Neonatal :

This is one of the most critical sections in the field of Pediatric surgery as the neonates subjected for a surgery are difficult to manage. The most commonly performed surgeries in neonates are congenital anomalies which needs proper preoperative, intra operative and postoperative care. At Lifecare hospital, the excellent back up of the modular operation theatres, the high standard of extreme critical care provided in the NICU, and the multidisciplinary approach with comprehensive counseling, provides the right atmosphere for the parents to feel comfortable and safe.

Urology: (What is the doctor trying to say here?)

There is a big spectrum of different types of congenital anomalies and other surgical conditions affecting the entire urinary tract which includes the kidney, renal pelvis, ureter, bladder, and the urethra. This subspecialty involves the repair and management of these surgical conditions.

Minimally Invasive :

This subspecialty is a field of keyhole surgery wherein the procedure is performed using a scope like laparoscope, endoscope or a cystoscope. A vast majority of Gastrointestinal, Urological, and Thoracic surgeries performed earlier by an open method can now be performed using this technique, with better results, rapid patient recovery and excellent cosmetic outcome.

Neurosurgery :

Many congenital anomalies affecting the brain and the spinal cord may be diagnosed antenatally, immediately after birth or in infants. Some of the common conditions are hydrocephalus, chiari malformations, and meningomyelocele. The commonly performed surgeries under this field are VP shunt and repair of meningomyelocele.

Thoracic Surgery :

This field includes different conditions like some chest wall deformities, Gastrointestinal and Lung anomalies, empyema etc. Commonly performed procedures under this field are decortication, Lobectomy and tracheoesophageal fistula repair.

Oncology :

This subspecialty includes the management of different tumors like Wilms tumor, Neuroblastoma, Hepatoblastoma etc. It requires complex and technically demanding surgical procedures and postoperative NICU/ PICU support.

All of the surgeries stated here requires excellent backup and high quality instruments and at LHRC meticulous attention has been given to both and thus makes the surgeon comfortable and relaxed: producing the best results.

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